Chakra Scented Salts

Chakra Scented Salts


Salts and precious gems together in harmony presented in a lovely glass jar. Perfect gifts for anyone who loves yoga, meditation, and reiki. 


Our scented salts are a natural salt based product with added fragrance oils for use in burners/diffusers. They are made from 100% sodium chloride with no other additives. They are made from a biodegradable renewable source making them eco-friendly, not harmful to the environment . In comparison with wax melts/tarts or oils the granules are cleaner, safer and more enviromentally friendly. Simply pop two teaspoons into your burner. Just 2 teaspoons will give your home an intense blast of fragrance lasting approximately 6 hours. One 100g jar should last roughly 30 hours!When all the fragrance has dispersed just pop the salts into the bin where they will biodegrade. All home fragrances alike should be kept out of reach from children and pets. They should be used on a safe and stable surface and kept out of direct sunlight.




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