The new "in thing". It's going to be all the rage thanks to Covit!

The year 2021 - not but a week in and the weak are already being singled out in the crafting business world! Covid and Brexit have brought with it many hurdles that none of us saw coming. I mean maybe some of us could have faced just one at a time, but working as a team "Covit" is frog marching many business to an early grave. So where does that leave us?

Currently the candle marking/ wax melt/ home fragrance industry is facing huge uncertainties when it comes to the availability of supplies. Not only has every Tom, Dick & Harry decided to become a hobby-ist while on furlough, but candle lovers, and those of you with a slight wax melt obsession are working your way through your stashes at a phenomenal rate! Being stuck indoors has you all doing everything and anything to keep up your self care and improve the general ambiance of the same 4 walls you are having to endure. I mean you'd think that would make businesses like ours quid's in wouldn't you - wrong! Not when our suppliers of our fundamental ingredients cant keep up with supply and demand. Covit is biting them on the butts too! Increased demands also means one other thing... PRICE INCREASES. No joke, one website that I went searching for wax on has actually DOUBLED its prices. Import fees from Brexit don't help that situation either! *Eye Roll*.

So what are we going to do about it. We will do what we need to in order to survive, like any other living creature we will adapt! Firstly by diversifying our range and playing to our advantages. Luckily we aren't wholly reliant on the sale of just wax based items. We stock other non-wax items that will still leave your homes smelling beautiful. Room sprays and Reed Diffusers being two of those products. But we have another product that pushes wax melts right out the door and loudly announces "Honey, I'm home!" - Scented salts! The ultimate wax melt alternative.

You use them exactly as you would a wax melt. 1 or 2 heaped teaspoons into your tealight/electric burner and away you go - an intense burst of fragrance that fills your whole home! I'm not even kidding - as I write this I'm sat in the bedroom waiting for the baby to fall asleep and our electric burner is on in the dining room testing our our rose botanical salts and yes I can smell it! Upstairs in the bedroom!

But wait! There is more... Eco-conscious? That's okay! Our salts are 100% biodegradable and soluble in water! When you think you have finished using your salts, pour them into your sink with some hot water. Not only will your salts dissolve and release any left over fragrance, but the added salt into the water will soften the water meaning a nice shiny sink with no water marks! AND - whatever fragrance was left over will now go down the plug hole leaving your drain smelling fresh as a daisy. Oh hell yes. I mean we like a product with some versatility right?

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