Getting to know our more elusive scents!

FEEGEE - A scent that many are wary of choosing but when they take a chance on it they soon fall in love. Reminiscent of a warm tropical island and is the perfect summer fragrance. Fee Gee is floral with top notes of hyacinth, bergamot, lemon and galbanum. Its base consists of moss, sandalwood, vetiver and musk. Burn this scent to enhance your sophistication and chic with this classic fragrance! 

RAINFOREST- The fresh scent of the rainforest - the tropics combined with the scent of nature in full bloom is the clean, pure and forest-fresh scent you will get from this oil. Burn it in your room for mental clarity, inner balance and to invigorate yourself - preventing any feelings of dull sleepiness and lethargy! Rainforest fragrance oil is bright yellow in colour so you'll notice our product are naturally coloured by this fragrance.

JACK - A warm, musky and slightly sweet scent. With a floral and powdery, fresh, clean scent similar to opening a warm tumble dryer or hanging out clean bed sheets. Also withhints of vanilla, woods and spices. Jack was originally one of our Halloween scents, formerly known as Jack-O-Lantern, but the scent was such a huge hit that after a protest from our customers we renamed the scent and decided to make it available all year!

FRANGIPANI - Frangipani scent has long been said to be an attraction oil because of its sweet, seductive scent. This exotic floral fragrance will make you reminiscent of tropical islands, hawaiian hideaways and pretty sunsets. Create a romantic ambience when you burn this oil and enjoy its sweet fresh scent! This scent is one of our owners personal favourites, and Holly often refers to it as being a nicer alternative to fresh linen!

ECSTASY- This aroma will bring you happiness, excitement and pleasure from its fresh rejuvenating scent. Citrus undertones and herbal essences make ecstasy a delight on the senses. Without all the side effects of course!

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